Patient Policies

Patients carrying HMO or PPO's are responsible for their own referrals. Appointments cannot be made without a valid referral. Co-pays on all insurance-related appointments are expected at the time of the visit.

As a courtesy to our allergy patients, please do not wear cologne or perfume.

Doctors Kohen is a specialist and cannot act as a primary care physician. We do not see Workman's Compensation cases.

Policy on Controlled Substances

Goal: To achieve a balance between the dual goals of treating pain and preventing diversion without compromising patient care.

An RX for a controlled substance must be in writing and:

  • contain full name & address of the patient
  • contain name, address & DEA registration number of the doctor
  • contain name & strength of the drug
  • contain the direction for use and the quantity prescribed
  • be written in ink
  • be written in such a way as to make them difficult to alter, e.g. do not leave space between the number and dosage unit (10mg.), also write the number of dosage units in longhand as follows…disp:#six(6only).
  • have an inscription stating that the patient is either “an acute pain patient” or a “chronic pain patient” as appropriate.
  • be obtained at the same pharmacy, where possible.

Drugs approved for medical use are placed in Schedules of II to V according to the FDA.

Schedule II Prescriptions

  • Refills are not permitted.
  • Prescriptions may be faxed but the original RX must be presented to the pharmacy and verified against the fax at the time the RX is actually dispensed.
  • Our office guidelines for a new prescription are that the patient must be seen by the physician a minimum of every 3 months.

Schedule III-V Prescriptions

  • May be prescribed in writing or by telephone
  • A maximum of 5 refills are permitted in the 6-month period following the date on which the RX was issued.
  • After 5 refills OR 6 months (whichever occurs first), a new prescription is required.

We feel that it is critical that our practice have a strategy for distinguishing between the legitimate chronic pain patient and the addict.



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